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Win the battle to save elephants

It saddens me every time I heard or read news about endangered species. One of my favorite animals that is in the list are the elephants; even though I haven’t seen them yet but they are close to my heart. People must know that their situation now is dire. Poachers are slaughtering them to get their tusk and ivory at a very alarming rates. This action entails to poachers as merciless. Perhaps, the only thing they’re after for is money. This is the only factor that can be seen on why they are doing such illegal actions. On the other hand, there is a new technology to help in finding the origin of the tusk by building a robust elephant DNA database. With this, law enforcers and the government can identify the smuggling networks and poaching hot spots. Thus, the slaughtering of elephants stops and the poachers and smugglers are prosecuted. 

With the information mentioned above, let us help to save the elephants from being wiped out forever. Just let the law enforcers know who the smugglers are the where are the poaching hot spots. In doing this hand in hand, together we change their future.

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I was starstruck when I saw the trailer of this telenovela (Rooftop Prince) on TV. I said immediately after the trailer that I would surely like and love this Korean telenovela. Indeed, the means justify its end. The photo above is the scene where I cried. It’s so painful seeing someone you’ve loved so much disappearing in front of you. The worst thing is, you don’t have any idea on how to see him; it was an impossible step because he was living in the past. 

photo from: google images

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