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I can still remember. It was Friday night around 6 PM. We were in the canteen to have some snacks before taking our last exam when suddenly, strong wind with rain caught our attention. We haven’t heard any from the news that there is a typhoon since our classes everyday ended until 8 PM. It was scary because the  water aroused so fast near the magis complex. We could able to laugh at that time to those people whose umbrellas became a satellite (reverse). Little did we know that in some areas, flood is coming over.

Blackout scared me more because of the wind and rain. That night, I just prayed and hope that everyone were safe and was able to evacuate before the water comes in their houses.

In the morning, I have seen evacuees in Macasandig gym. People shirts and body were full of mad. They walked without any slippers only barefooted. Looking to them is very painful in my eyes.

I was standing in front of Mercury Drug in Tomasaco to ride a rela going to school. I haven’t seen these pictures in fact that sreet where I was standing is just straight from it. Hearing those chitchatting men and women behind me made me frown and feel sad. They’ve lost everything especially their house. Worst is, there’s no water everywhere. People were searching and roaming around the city to look for water. 

Many lives and things were just disappeared and lost in just one night. I hope, by this time people will take action ahead of time if rain will come again. I was thankful to God that we’re safe here and also my friends who were very much affected of typhoon Sendong. 

Photos credit to Haiko Magtrayo. 

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